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Employee Wellness

Oklahoma Family Health is proud to be Oklahoma’s wellness company that serves many Oklahoma state agencies, City, County and private companies, we take this opportunity very serious, our goal is to meeting the Health and Wellness needs of their Employees and families.

health Expos

Oklahoma Family Health organizes Oklahoma’s best healthcare provider, safety, and wellness resources to participate in employee wellness expos. Employees are in need of resources for them and their families. OFH is thankful for each opportunity!  (Virtual Expos only) Due to Covid-19.

Lunch and Learn

Oklahoma Family Health invites local family resources the opportunity to introduce their services to each employee. Employees are able to attend a 45 min presentation over their lunch break. (Virtual Lunch and Learns only) Due to covid-19  

health screenings & special programs

BP, Glucose, Spine Scan, Balance Test, Hearing Screening, Vision Screening, Dental Screening, Chair Massage, Carotid Artery Screening, BMI, Heart Scan, Lung Scan, Mammogram, Hormone screening. immunizations. (most screenings are FREE!)

Workplace Wellness packages

Planning an Event with ease, no stress, no hassle! 

All program prices are billed annually

Annual Health and Wellness Expo –

Quarterly Virtual Expos are Free for Multi-Groups (Multiple commpanies and employees will particiapte in this once a qurater Expo)

Annual Workplace wellness Lunch & learns

Monthly Lunch and Learns are FREE for Multi Groups (Multiple Companies and employees will participate in this Monthly Lunch and Learn presentation)

Organizational fee applies if you are interested in OFH organizing a private Lunch and Learn for your Employees.

All inclusive Workplace Wellness

Companies that would like to book private employee Health Expos and Lunch and Learns for your Workplace Wellness Programs will assess an annual organizational fee. OFH is honored to help you organize your expos and lunch and learns! 

Let’s start planning

Planning an Event with ease, no stress, no hassle! 

choose a wellness Package

Once you make your Wellness program choice, OFH and you will have an initial planning meeting. 

For an EXPO: 

*Review the Employee benefits.

*IN PERSON expo we will walk through the expo space.

*VIRTUAL expos we will go over the virtual platform and functionality information. 

SEt a Date

Once the date is set for your Wellness event, OFH will complete the following: 

*Flier employers will share with employees, promoting the event and encourage them to RSVP to attend. 

* OFH will provide an electronic RSVP link for employees. 

*OFH will contact vendors / OFH members and invite them to be a vendor in the Expo or lunch and learn. 

 *OFH will Provide an electronic Vendor Registration link for vendors. 

* OFH will update you Bi-weekly on registration numbers. 

*OFH will send a survey to employer and also to Employees to gather insite as to what topics and services are needed, OFH will try to meet all requests. 

OFH will do the rest! 

OFH will set up Virtual Platform and organize all the slides and vendor program / Agenda. 

* OFH will email the electronic program and material to all RSVP attendees. 

* Event run through with you and all the vendors to ensure the smooth processes for the production the next day. (You can connect with the vendors) 

* All Vendors provide a door prize. These door prizes will be drawn at the end of the event and the vendors will contact the employees directly for exchange. 

*Post event survey is emailed to company representative and employees as well as to vendors. Oklahoma Family Health strives to be the best and can only maintain excellence with your feedback! 

* The day of the Event everything will be perfect!! 


Workplace Wellness coordinator’s Luncheon

Oklahoma Family Health offers a monthly Luncheon Networking event for all Workplace wellness coordinators to attend.  

If you are an employee or business owner that manages employee benefits, EAP- employee Assistance Programs, Occupational  Medicine Nurse in the workplace, health initiatives, employee wellness options, insurance brokers, benefits consultants, and HR directors. WE ARE HERE TO HELP! 

OFH wants to work with you in providing exciting, new programs to the workplace for YOU to offer to YOUR employees and their families.

We are as hands on as you need, OFH respects the fact that this your event and these are your employees and OFH is honored to be invited to assist you meet your needs for a successful Workplace Wellness Program. 

Lets Plan your event!


flyers & rsvp links - Employers to employees

OFH will design special RSVP links for employees to digital registers. 

OFH will professionally design your flyers branded with your logo. these flyers will be used to assist you in promoting the event to you employees.  

Introductory event flyer announcing the event date, time RSVP options. 

Reminder flyer will remind employees of the event and include any new details, such as; Door prizes, meals being offered, vendor list or screenings be offered. 

Final flyer announcement: This will include all the last minute details to assist in keeping employees informed as to what to expect, any programs that need instructions, any login information that may be needed Etc. 



vendor registration / Create event program

OFH will professional design a Vendor Registration link that will be used to electronically keep track of vendors who have registered, door prizes, special promotions / health screenings available, contact information and much more. 

OFH will create an event program that will be used to keep track of how many vendors employees participated in, the outcome will determine the eligibility to be entered into the door prize drawing. 


In person the form will be initialed next to each vendor’s name or logo. 

In a virtual event is a question form that includes 1 question per vendor/ this is available in a digital and manual version.  (PDF)


door prizes

OFH requires ALL Vendors to provide a door prize. 

OFH will collect the list of door prizes and coordinate the delivery or exchange door prizes to the lucky winners. (Many times the vendors will keep the door prizes and each winner can get the door prize from the vendors place of business or the vendor will deliver it to the winner. 


provides the Virtual link / broadcasting

OFH will provide to access for presenters and employees to join in on a virtual event program platform and will professionally set up the presentation for the best event possible. 

OFH will also arrange a practice run through of the event and allow you to connect with all the vendors the day before the event or the day of the event before the scheduled start time. 


follow up with Attendees and Vendors

OFH will maintain communication with the Vendor regarding all updates or changes per the event. 

OFH will provide you as our client updated on vendor count, types, door prizes, meals etc. 

OFH will provide you with updated flyers and material to submit to employees and we will also send updates via email to all RSVP’d employees. 


provide Employer with Vendor list / employee attendee list

OFH has implemented many software platforms to keep our clients up to date. 

The RSVP and Vendor Registration links can invite your company representative to the collaboration form; meaning that you will get an alert when a vendor or an employee registers for the event.

OFH Clients + many more!


Employee Health Expo

Employee Health Expo

Healthy Kids Day Expo

Healthy Seniors Expo

Employee Health Expo

Employee Health Expo

Employee Health Expo

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does OFH need to Organize an Expo?

Depending on the location within Oklahoma, OFH can organize a successful expo with in 9-12 weeks. 

How long does OFH need to organize an lunch and learn?

OFH needs an MIN of 4 weeks to organize a successful lunch and learn.

Can i get lunch and learns and an expo for my employees?

Yes, Lunch & Learns can be set up on a monthly basis. or once a quarter, it’s your choice. 

How many employees can attend an event?

All employees can attend. 

Can i meet with an OFH Representative to book an event and choose a wellness plan?

Yes, you can OFH representatives are local and will always have time to meet. Vitual, Video, Conference Phone or Email. 

how do i Contact OFH?


Phone: 405-561-1951