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New Service! 

OFH, is dedicated in providing Oklahoma Families and Medical Professionals local resources in many ways!

Thank you for using OFH for your local Resources destination!



educate the sandwich generation

Meet 1000’s of individual through OFH Expos, Lunch and Learns, Networking events, Conferences, Symposiums and much more!

Caregivers come in all forms,  OFH brings caregivers in the workplace resources to easy the burden and reduce stress and potential burnout. 


Network with fellow providers and peers

OFH offers many Networking and education event that members can participate in to connect with other professionals in the field.

Our goal for this program is to continue to keep our medical community and resources up to date on services and programs locally available to Oklahoman’s.



Attend Continuing Education Events

OFH is partnering with Oklahoma Leaders to help share local CEU opportunites and resources for physician’s, Nurses, Social Workers and much more! Please subscribe to our weekly news letters to stay up today on new opportunities, or click on the Event Tab.

If you or your organization offers CEU’s and you would like to add those events to our calendar: in the Events tab, please fill out the Submit Event option and OFH will add it and promote it for you.


Boomers & Seniors resources

Distribution Facts


Educate through advertising

By participating in advertising in OFH Boomers and Seniors Resources OFH will distribute your information to decision makers who need your services.

OFH is published 2 times each year. OFH prints locally and only offers Local resources and education. 

You will reach 1000’s more of local seniors and their children; who ARE making decisions for mom and dad; by participating in Senior Health Expos & Workplace Wellness Programs. 


We have resources that service the state and are part of many organizations that highly utilize the OFH publication for additional education for their patients and families.



Be the solution- OFH Distribution

OFH distribution is very targeted.

-Employees at our expos and Lunch and learns ALL receive a copy. 30,000+ per year.

– OFH Is a proud member of many organizations and coalitions and we distribute to 1000’s through fellow members and special events.

– All Wellness Coordinators in the workplace Get them by paper and digitally to share with new hires and also per case bases.

 -Case managers

-Physicians office/ Referral Coordinators

-Social Workers

-ER- Discharge/ DON

-Urgent Care

-Senior Living Communities

-Senior Centers

– OFH Ambassadors and members all utilize the OFH Publication as a marketing tool as well as education for their patients and families in need of additional resources.

We deliver case after case and have a VERY HIGH demand from referral Coordinators and Case managers in several entities across the state! 



Digital distribution

OFH will now publish your ad and promote it on social media platforms. We will boost it to reach a broader audience and NOT charge you more we are excited to show you how we can maximize your investment!

OFH will also share the digital version on our Weekly news Letter to all 8000+ resources in our OFH database and adding new subscribers each week!

We also keep an archive of all OFH publications- See how far we have come and allow us to show you how we constantly work hard to improve our services to help improve the quality of all OFH offer all for you!


Stay up to date

We will keep you in the loop on the OFH Boomers and Seniors Resources, Expos and Networking!

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