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Target   Audience

Oklahoma Family Health provides resources and education to our community, providers and employers. Our target is All Oklahoman’s. 


sandwich  Generation 

The sandwich generation refers to middle-age adults who are caring for both elderly parents and their own children.  This generation is in the workplace and throughout our community. 


Oklahoma FAmily health Services

*Workplace Health & Wellness Programs – Providers/Resources presenting to employers & employees in the workplace. 

* Workplace Wellness (Occ.Med RN., HR,Benefits Coordinators, Safety Director) Network Luncheon-  Local Providers and Resources presenting to Workplace Wellness Professional who manage the health and wellness for their employees & families.  

* Senior Health & Wellnes Programs- Senior Health and Wellness Expos and Lunch and Learns. 

* Boomers & Seniors Resources (Publication) -MEMBERS LISTED:  Local Medical and Resources services and programs listed 2 x’s per year.

 *CEU DATES:  (Local medial educators programs listed in eduation Calendar of events) – Coming soon! 

join us | Become a member

Are you a medical provider or provide a vital resource to our community? Do you want to be a Health and Wellness Expo as Vendor? Would you like to be a presenter for lunch and learns at a Professionals networking event or Workplace Wellness event?  We invite all of our members to be part of our monthly networking events and much more! Email us for more information! 

Senior Wellness 

*Boomers & Seniors Resources (Publication) 

*Senior Providers and Resource Lunch and Learns/ Networking.

* Weekly Tea Time: Round Table discussion (Live streamed and recorded)

* Virtual Tours for Senior Service companies and Senior Living Communities. 

* Professional Employee head shots. 

*Connecting you to other members who will potentially utilize your services. 

* Testimonial Videos 

* Brainstorm special marketing events to bring awareness to your services. 


Workplace Wellness 

* Employee Workplace Health & Wellness Expo 

* Employee Preventative Health Screenings/immunizations  and more. 

* Employee Lunch and Learns  (Multi Topic Discussion)

* Monthly Luncheon Round Table Discussion ( Benefits Coordinators) . Networking Opportunity.

* Professional Business Tour with Testimonials (professionally recorded and Edited). 

*Company Group Photo 

*Employee Professional Head Shots

Oklahoma’s Medical & Family Resource Network –

(CEU) Continuing Education Programs & Events


* Oklahoma’s Medical Professionals and Family Resources now have an opportunity to learn about local vital resources, understanding the services and qualifications.  (Virtual Events- Coming Soon!) 

*Oklahoma’s experts offering CE opportunities open for Oklahoma’s Physicians, Nurses, Social Worker, and much more will be placed on the event calendar so you can find all opportunity in one place.  

(If you offer CE’s, we are happy to add your event to our calendar) Email: jparker@oklahomafamilyhealth.com


OFH ADD on Services:

* Free Marketing Analysis

*Membership Options to take part in all Events, Networking and special Marketing projects available.

*Social Media Video Posts (professionally recorded and edited)

*Website Support- Building , Branding, Updating.

* Professional Head shots

* Professional Interview for ALL MEMBERS.

* Branding, Designing and Printing Marketing Material.

* Designing banners, Posters, T-Shirts and all other marketing material.

We needed additional assistance in planning our annual Healthy Kids Day. Oklahoma Family Health came prepared with hundreds of local vendors (some already confirmed for future events). They then let us decide what was best for us and we didnt feel at any point you were trying to push us away from our mission

OFH offers the perfect amount of professionalism and fun, your organization was able to come in, connect with our staff and members and understand our processes quickly. With your input and support we were able to have a very successful event. We look forward to our partnership in the future

Taylor Corum

Membership Director, Earlywine Family YMCA

We realized there was much that we wanted to do to improve the health fair over the previous year but knew that our collective experience and knowledge was limited. 

Joanna with OFH was able to provide a wider network of local providers.  She was able to coordinate the event and provide a website for electronic registration.   She became an important part of our planning process and provided many creative ideas that enhanced the experience for both the employees and the health care providers that participated.

From flyer design, to table layouts, to co-ordination of proper ratio of providers of the same services, to registration collection, Joanna was able to relieve the County from so much of the daily chores while still providing an outstanding Health Fair for our employees.  

After the Health Fair, Joanna assisted us with formulating ideas for how we could make the next health fair even bigger and better.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Joanna Parker and Oklahoma Family Health in future years.

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Health & Wellness 

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Become a Member. Become a Presenter. Become a Vendor. Be an educator on your services. 

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